Tech Adams is a technology consulting company.  We love people and technology!  Need some help?

I enjoyed a long career at Procter & Gamble, a Fortune 500 company, in the Information Technology division.  I held many positions at the company.  In one, I was responsible for training & qualifying the IT division in Systems Development and Application Management approaches.  I was also a Technical Architect responsible for evaluating technology solutions to be implemented.  I have many great stories to tell and achievements I'm proud of while there.  I know many brilliant IT people who may also be able to help you.

I continue to stay current with leading Information Technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, IBM and others.  I enjoy testing the latest gadgets in order to remain aware of what the next useful thing might be.  Part of my background is in communications.  I like to think I am easy to talk to and understand when it comes to technology.  I enjoy using, testing, evaluating and implementing technologies.   I'm pretty good with smartphones, laptops, Facebook, Google technologies, web design & development, home automation, database design, video & computer art, hardware/software, security and US law. 

On a personal note, I graduated from Purdue University with multiple degrees in Computer Information Technology.  I run several Facebook Fan Pages, as well as some celebrity websites too!  I thought it was important to put my name in the title of this company.  Character and reputation are important to me.

If you need a team, I can put you in touch with proven-industry resources.  If you want to keep it small and simple, I can do that too.  I'll also tell you if we don't know how to meet your needs.  If you think we can help, please send an email or give me a call.  Doing business shouldn't have to be impersonal.  We care.

Thanks for visiting!

Name:      Donnie G. Adams
Title:        Tech Adams CEO
Phone:     1-513-202-3267 (all calls are automatically transcribed)